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Darya Sokolovskaya

Our airy Dasha is an author of her own class Pole Fly and is a favorite of all students of all ages: from adults to the youngest ones.

And there are a lot of reasons for that! First of all, Dasha is a professional sportswoman and instructor with a huge experience and considerable list of achievements both those of her own and of her students. Second, her soft but hard driving approach is ideal for beginners who are full of fears and doubts. Third, elegant pole dance by Dasha is a pure aesthetical pleasure and the best salt of the earth.


No Gravity Sport 2017 – 1 place Pole Dance Elite
Pole Cup «Meteorite» 2017 – 3 place Artistic Elite
No Gravity Art 2016 – 1 place Pole Performance Elite
No Gravity Sport 2016 – 1 place, Pole Sport Professionals
Pole Cup «Meteorite» 2016 – 2 place, Pole Dance Artistic Professionals

Students’ achievements:

Irian Tsyganova – 1 place in category Children Amateurs at No Gravity Art 2016, 3 place in category adults Professionals at Pole Cup «Meteorite» 2017
Viktoria Kabyrova – 1 place in category Children Amateurs at Pole Cup «Meteorite» 2017
Jana Prikhodko – 3 place in category children Professionals at No Gravity Sport 2017
Valeria Ovchinnikova – 3 place in category Children Amateurs at Pole Cup «Meteorite» 2017
Vikoria Fadeeva – 1 place in category Adults Amateurs at Pole Cup «Meteorite» 2018
Svetlana Podolskaya – 3 place in category Adults Elite at No Gravity Art 2017, 1 place in category masters 40+ Elite at Pole Sports Russia 2018, 7 place in category Masters 40+ at World Pole Sports Championships 2018

Participation in competitions:

Pole Art Spain 2017
Pole Sports Russia 2017 top-4 artistic elite
Pole Art Cyprus 2016


Pole Sports Russia 2017
Pole Art Spain 2017
No Gravity Sport 2017
Pole Art Cyprus 2016
No Gravity Sport 2016