Our school has two rooms for you with various classes. Number of persons on each class is limited in to create more comfortable environment for our students. Thus to attend a class you shall either enroll in advance or reserve a permanent place in the group.

In the room for pole dance classes we strictly follow the room “one person for one pole”, that is why the number of persons in the group is strictly limited (from 9 to 11 depending on the room).

Rules of conduct before class

  1. Before starting pole dance classes you have to make sure that you have no back and joints disease that forbid serious physical loads. The studio is not responsible for any cases of aggravation of back and joint diseases in the course of training.
  2. To apply body creams and oils prior to the class and in a short period before the class is forbidden.
  3. You’d better not take much water and food during the training. (Alcohol is strictly forbidden!).
  4. Before entering the room you have to take off all metallic things (wrist watch, rings, ear-rings, bracelets, necklaces).

Rules of conduct during classes

  1. It is forbidden to do anything on the pole without warming up in order to avoid traumas.
  2. Chewing gum is strictly forbidden.
  3. Prior to performance of any trick or spin make sure that your hand are dry. If you have wet hands use magnesium or any other means to enhance grip. Wrap the pole with vodka.
  4. Prior to perform a trick fix your hands strongly. Wrong hands fixation will lead to falling down.
  5. Do not try difficult elements first time without support or mats.
  6. Do not try a trick until you are sure that you understood it, work through the execution technique in more detail.
  7. Performance of any tricks from simple to difficult – for advanced athletes – at the height is forbidden.
  8. If you get trauma or feel worse during the class inform the instructor immediately