For New-Comers

Enrollment to classes

The classes can be attended strictly after preliminary enrollment!

To enroll to the class you may call via phone/WhatsApp: +7 985 589 66 30 or send a message via social network: VKontakte or Instagram

You shall have passport or driving license: there is a pass control in the building!


Pole dance has no restrictions in terms of weight or age. But it is serious and quite extreme sport. Before climbing the five meters pole we strongly recommend to pass medical examination! The most risky group is people with chronical diseases, problems with joints and supporting-motor apparatus, spasmodic asthma, epilepsy, heart diseases and diseases of central nerve system.


Even not having sport background and flexibility you can start training in our studio. Classes in our studio are your sport training. We are teaching people from zero, preparing to competitions, some of our student become instructors.

Pole dance has a lot of elements for which flexibility is not necessary but if you want to enlarge your trick range we are ready to help you to improve your flexibility on stretching classes.

What to wear at training

Sport pole classes: top and shirts. The students are training barefoot, you are free to wear socks in the rooms.
Aerial gymnastics: maximally closed form-fitting clothes (overall or T-shirt with leggings) .
Pole dancing classes: T-shirt, leggings, knee-protectors. Strip shoes (special shoes on high heels) for pole exotic – if you wish.
Sport classes (pole fitness, handstands, nates fittness): any sport clothes + training shoes.
Stretching: closed clothes making you feeling warm (for better warming up of muscle) and comfortable for stretching (shall not restrict your movements).