Classes enroll and cancelling rules

  1. The place in the group is reserved by prior payment or attendance card purchase.
  2. The attendance card from 4 to 12 classes is valid during 5 weeks, for 16 classes – during 6 weeks, for 40 classes – during 15 weeks, a card for unlimited number of classes is valid during one calendar month. You are free to choose your own schedule to attend classes by booking a place in the group you want to visit with an administrator.
  3. In case of illness or long business trips and vacations you are free to freeze your card for the period not exceeding 2 weeks, except for the unlimited card (freezing period is 1 week) and the card for 40 classes (no freezing). Our school cards cannot be given to other persons to attend the classes, one card for two persons is not allowed either.
  4. In case you cannot attend the class you booked you shall inform the administrator about cancelling before 11:00 a.m. of the class day if you booked an evening class or before 20.00 o’clock of the day preceding the class day if you booked morning or daytime class (evening classes start from 17:30) otherwise the class “burns” (means is written off from your card or is compensated for the advanced payment).

Download an app

Now you can make use of mobile app Pole Positions Moscow! You can look through the schedule of classes, view your attendance card and you classes, track instructors changes and enroll to classes by yourself via the app.
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