Anna Galkina

Almost the whole way from first steps in pole dance to victories in competitions and becoming an instructor Ann passed in Pole Positions Moscow. This means that at Anna’s classes you will enjoy the best methods and experience of leading Moscow instructors that Anna taken during her training.

As a performer Anna brilliantly mixes power tricks with flexibility elements and complements it with non-standard combinations and transitions creating bright “artistic” performance. The spectacular will never feel bored: Anna’s performances are really bright and catching.


Pole Star Samara 2017 – 1 place Semi-Professional
Pole Art Italy 2018 – top-10 Semi-Professional

Participation in competitions:

CatWalk Dance Fest 2017 (4 place Professional)


Pole Positions concert 2018
Pole Art Italy 2018
Pole Positions concert 2017
Pole Star Samara 2017