Alexey Poryadnov

Alexey is not just an instructor, he is a true star! Presenter of master-classes in Russia and Europe, judge at competitions, invited instructor of pole dance camps and one the most demanded instructors among Pole Positions Moscow guests from other countries.

What is his secret? Even before starting pole dance Lesha had a striking sport experience: 10 years of break dance, 5 years of being a fitness instructor in World Class, fancy for acrobatics. All that results in his understanding of human body mechanics, its abilities and limiting factors. All these knowledge Alexey applies when teaching how to perform acrobatic tricks from various disciplines on the pole.

As an instructor Alexey helped to create a tricky part of performances to participants on pole art and pole exotic competitions (Anastasia Evstegneeva, Pole Art Cyprus 2016, Pole Art Greece 2017) and for last years regulary judges “exotice” competitions.


Judge in competitions:

Pole Star Samara 2018
Zodiac Exotic Championship 2018, Moscow
Exotic Generation 2018, Moscow
Pole Art Krasnodar 2017, Krasnodar
Temptation 2017, Kiev, Ukrain
KASEF Pole Sport 2017, Astana, Kazakhstan
Magic Pole 2017, Khabarovsk
Zodiac Exotic Championship 2017, Moscow
Pole Fight 2016, Moscow


International Asia-Pacific Pole Acrobatic Championship 2014
Pole Positions concert 2015
Pole Art Cyprus 2016