Pole Dance Studio

Pole Positions is a true workshop of pole dance and aerial gymnastics that has nothing to do
with boring physical exercises; the classes are exciting and creative process.

Groups from zero level to professionals
High poles
Large training space
Changing rooms and shower rooms
Wide range of classes
Star instructors

How our studio works?

  • We are glad to work with beginners and experienced sportsmen. The things like how old you are, what your weight is, whether you are male or female, how strong you are does not matter for us;
  • We are implementing individual approach; you are free to select any time of the class with any instructor depending on the group level;
  • We help you in achieving your goal whatever it can be: just dancing skills, sportive body, participation in competitions or sport as an entertainment.

Why choose us?

  • Two training rooms with total area of 500 sq. meters on the 20th store and big windows with huge panoramic view to Moscow;
  • 20 poles of 5-meters height perfectly suitable for the most complicated tricks and cascades;
  • special areas for stretching and aerial gymnastics (8 hangers for aerial gymnastics with working height of up to 5.5 meters);
  • all the necessary training staff: mats, youga mats and bricks, step-platforms, belts, jumping ropes, pole grips and clean cloths;
  • men’s and women’s changing rooms;
  • 3 shower rooms.