Pole Show

Meet Pole Positions Show – a project of Pole Positions Moscow pole dance and aerial gymnastics studio!

Our dance-pylon project today has no analogues in Russia. The Pole Positions Show format is a unique combination of pylon connections, acrobatics and modern choreography. In performances, we decided to move away from the usual demonstrative solo numbers and created a whole theater on a pylon, where the character and fate of the characters are revealed in dance and stunt interactions.

In the spring of 2022, the Pole Positions Show team introduced the viewer to the first production of Femme or … The Story of a Family. Among the actors participating in the project are the star coaches of Pole Positions Moscow, who are in love with the stage, the pole art direction and actively participate in pole dance competitions.

Now the next show of the new pylon dance performance is scheduled for autumn 2022! Subscribe to our social networks to be aware of new project announcements.