Aerial Gymnastics


Aerial Silks

All levels

Include 3 basic categories of tricks: climbing, wrapping, falling. Climbing is used to perform tricks at height. Wrapping – static elements (hanging, swinging, splits, etc.) to perform which a gymnast shall wrap the silks around his body or part of the body. Falling means falling down from the height after preliminary wrapping of body by aerial silks.


All levels

Like all of the types of aerial gymnastics, aerial hoop develops flexibility, power and stamina. Tricks on the hoop include static elements for flexibility and balance, dynamic transitions, swings, flips, etc.


All levels

If you cannot live without strong sensations and the pole has already stop to leave bruises and grazes on your body we have a perfect staff for you. Despite of being a contrast to softness and smoothness of silks and hammock the chains take a lot of tricks from its fellows. Prepare gloves, clothes that will protect your skin and you are welcome to enjoy the pain!