When Movement Becomes Beautiful?

When I’m feeling its inherent beauty. I’m conveying it to the audience. I’m showing my Space and I can make you follow me. To find something unique inside you just have to be honest. It’s easy, the Universe always helps you to do so.

When a person feels it difficult to go beyond a certain frameworks an emotional sphere is activated – “I’m trying, give me a complement, look at my press/toshier/arms, look how brilliant I am, how much I achieved, admire me!”. All that is just a mess, an external factor, imposed by social networks and endless race towards recognition and wish to be best than others. Human hang-ups. Assessing activity. Evil stupidity and narrow mind. Be simpler, learn to find beauty in minimalism, stay away from making everything more difficult. Get rid of these stamps, remove the imposed mess from your consciousness, make yourself true yourself naked inside, go deeper into yourself to discover who you are. To be honest and not show true yourself is difficult, to be more precise… scaring. But necessary.

A movement becomes sincere when you cease to use external factor.

You follow?

Honesty and your feeling of style are the only things that matter. I’m sharing with you a part of my Space. You can have a look at the Universe where I’m creating my art. Performances, competitions, classes – all the things I am doing I do in this Space. It’s my way.

Yunona Yunikova,
Instructor of Pole Positions Moscow